10 thoughts on “On the Ferry to Seldovia Last September

  1. you really captured some great actions shots and people portraits. the yellow bests stand out – and I like the smiles in the first two…. and do you happen to know how many posts you have for the “people at work”

    • Thanks Yvette. A lot- in answer to your question. A gallery owner asked me to do a show in July 2018 and it’s titled People at Work- Primarily Pittsburgh. I used to do it to show students possible future jobs and now continue because it is a cool way to connect with humanity.

      • well maybe I can check out the show in 2018….
        and what a nice goal to have – but “a lot” does not give me a clue as to how many – is that fifty – or 250….
        but it looks like I can wait and see because you’ll likely count them as the show gets nearer…. eh?

  2. Does the ferry run year-round? That would be one cold trip in January! Nice, Ruth, that the crew received some attention from your camera.

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