This is what democracy looks like!”

Women’s March January 21, 2017img_6608   Bronze statue of former mayor Richard S. Caliguiri looks out onto the Pittsburgh March

“This is what democracy looks like”

“Human rights are nonpartisan”

First- two weeks of preparation, knitting pink Pussyhats designed by Kat Coyle

My friends Ann in Pittsburgh  and Joanne in Florida texted and emailed and we knit and knit and shipped hats to various friends and relatives around the USA

img_2831How many hats can you knit from a big ball of yarn



And from Colleen from Nova Scotia in Solidarity

Hats by Ann went to Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Colorado and Washington DC

Hats by Joanne went to Florida,Iowa and Texasimg_2764

My friends Eileen and Linda (midwife who delivered my son Mark almost 41 years ago was knitting in Boston Massachusetts for their march to DC

Eileen knitting -Linda in her knitted hat ready for Washington DC

Hats sent to my teacher friend Jenn and her daughter Wylie by hat maker Kit Wojcik



Thanks Tara


Sign makers at the City County Building

img_6698Sign by Jen second from the left


Nia on the left in charge of technology for the event   Ann and Ann on the right

From my blogging friend Stef- on her way to march in  Minnesota-  Her hat is crocheted

Below- March in Colorado contributed by Deb Beozzo and her daughter and son-in-law Michelle and Sean

Here is an excerpt from a poem titled  Knitting Activist my friend Roberta wrote about me

Over under the country unraveling

the old anxiety returning,

she sits and knits

pussy hats for a new generation of women on the march.

A sister, a daughter, some fortunate friends

take this gift handed down from grandmothers

and try to rebind the frayed threads of the republic,

arms linked over under.

Along with these daughters and mothers she has clad,

she rises and knits her way to mindful spirited communion.

Roberta Hatcher

January 2017

img_3025Roberta (in pink hat) sent this image from Washington march

36 thoughts on “This is what democracy looks like!”

  1. What a collection! I am so incredibly proud to have been able to participate in today’s events. A powerful sisterhood, supported by amazing feminist men.

  2. Great pictures – Hesh and I were there. I wish I would have had one of the hats. My DIL knitted one.It was her first time knitting and she did a great job.

  3. Absolutely awesome, Ruth!!! What a project. And the poem!!! Inspiring!! connected me to the day and events of the day in a new way!!! Love the sign “FREE MELANIA!” 🙂

  4. I hope these marchers become activists and help to make an impact on the future of our country.

  5. Very pleased to see so many of my WP allies were matching, though I didn’t beacuse I was working. Some great placards. I rather like “there’ll be hell toupee”

      • I am appalled by the things DT is doing. Just read the news about how he is withdrawing grants from charities that offer abortion advice. How can one man be able to do this without it being debated in the senate?

      • I have no answers. Seems he can do pretty much whatever he wants. The Senate and House are Republican majority.

      • But with no debate? They’ll just back whatever crazy thing he does? We have just had a ruling by the judges of the Supreme Court that Parliament just be involved in how we leave the EU. The Prime Minister and the Cabinet exercise the Queen’s powers on her behalf, but they cannot do it without consultation and agreement.

      • Executive orders are different. Yes, probably not much of a debate. We are watching it unfold hour by hour. I don’t have any words.

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