Yes, Gatorade has a Birthplace

Who knew? Gatorade has a birthplace!

Sunday afternoon at the  University of Florida in Gainesville.img_3348


21 thoughts on “Yes, Gatorade has a Birthplace

  1. Gatorade is fairly commonly used by those athletes riding endurance races- both the 100 Km or 100 mile Century rides” in this neck of the woods- over GA, lower Al and the majority of FL.

  2. I’m not a big fan of Gatorade, but the first time I went to Italy I drank a bottle of it everyday. It was July and it was very hot and I thought the Gatorade helped to keep me hydrated.

    • No caffeine in it. Considered a sports drink to replenish fluids after exertion. About the hydration. Replacement of salts

  3. and coincidentally – we just had a talk with a few folks about which is better – Powerade or Gatorade.
    everyone said gatorade – but admitted that powerade was better now than it used to be years ago.

    and then someone said they only drink powerade (joking) cos ricky bobby endorsed it in that movie…. ha

  4. Not only dos Gatorade have a birthplace — every one and thing does — but
    it has a plaque, too. Last I checked, I have no such plaque in Detroit. Life is so unfair. 🙂

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