Lladros, Hummels-does anyone still collect these?

IMG_6692Lladros courtesy of E’s grandmother’s collection. My sister-in-law has a lot of these figurines, too. Maura (8) made the pink ceramic ballet skipper in Art.

Whenever we lived in Germany in the 80’s, people were collecting Hummels like crazy.


Special curio cabinets were purchased to display them.  Some had glass shelves and lights.

Lladros courtesy of E’s grandmother’s collection. My sister-in-law has a lot of these figurines, too.

Hummels courtesy of R’s sister’s collection

12 thoughts on “Lladros, Hummels-does anyone still collect these?

  1. At this stage in my life I don’t want to collect or even keep a collection. Seems to be a wishful thing for younger folks. Funny thing that.

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  2. Yes, what to do with these “heirlooms” no one wants anymore. Some so dutifully collected them for the next generation….sell them on Craigslist! is the latest refrain. We too have the special cabinets, lighted.

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  3. I went to a Christmas party where the hostess had HUNDREDS of Hummels on display. All I could think of was all that dusting! It was like a bad dream.

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  4. Ann and I have lots of Hummels. Some purchased during visit to Hummel factory near Bamberg, West Germany in 1985. Most we inherited from older relatives, including our Hummel nativity. No Lladros though.

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  5. Wow! Hummels…I have wonderful childhood memories about an elderly couple that were friends of my parents that had a million of them in a cabinet 🙂 and no children so when my sister and I would visit we were allowed to play with them like toys (carefully!) to my parents horror and fear we might damage one but we never did and loved playing “dolls” sort of with them!

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