Excuse Me, May I Please Photograph Your Ink?

Excuse me, may I please photograph your ink?

I know it’s generational, I have no ink. But I was intrigued when I saw this woman’s back.

Perhaps my asking this wedding guest if I might photograph her ink was bold, but it caught my eye. She said it would be okay.  The Disney Villains.

Did you know they’re on stamps at the USPS, too?

My friend J sometimes asks people at cocktail parties “If you HAD to get a tattoo, what design would you choose?” and some respond, “Oh my NO I would never….” but she says, “if you had to.” What meaningful symbol would you select? Second question is “Where on your body would you have it inked?”

To tattoo or not to tattoo?  There is some intricate ink out there. And there are even knitting tattoos.  Yep!  Who knew?

ink 754I don’t have the tattoo artist credit but will add when I get it.


Stamps at the USPS



14 thoughts on “Excuse Me, May I Please Photograph Your Ink?

  1. I would never but. . . if I did, it would be Morse Code (dah dit dah dit, dah dah dit dah) CQ. My dad was a ham radio operator and that is the code they used when they were announcing they were on the air. I heard it everyday of my life as a young girl.

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  2. I think they are great. I think “good” Tatoo artists are a special breed. In my pre teen and beyond days I remember people using Indian Ink and a needle with a thread around the point. The thread absorbed the ink allowing it to be transfered through the skin by the point of the needle. I could tell you many stories about unfavorable results. My father had an intricate crucifix on the inside of his left armbelow the elbow. The colors were blue and red. The colors faded over time. He had another of a young girl on his left on. He never told us how, when or why he got them. Then again, older generation guys from Brooklyn did not say much about their past. I assume there was an Army WW ll connection but als think that he may have had them many years befor.Now there are so many colors to chose from making them more beautiful and artistic. Sorry for rambling again. So many memories. Thanks Ruth.

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  3. Thanks for your visit and taking time to write, Ruth. I didn’t even know there were knitting tattoos out there but it seems there are tons. Wonder about crochet and quilting ones now…..


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