EAST SIDE Gallery- Berlin

Took the U bahn and then walked across this bridge to the outdoor East Side Gallery.


It’s an excursion many tourists take.

1.3 K in length. International artists murals illustrate peace and freedom and adorn pieces of the Berlin Wall which were placed here.  Many graffiti artists have added to or obliterated the paintings. You can see dates of original painting and a date of restoration painting.

E85C4376-BCAC-4E2B-B22F-1716AE70CE2BCB7E36FA-2413-4830-9F14-793C1867420B You can see the restored and unrestored sections of the hands.





A film crew was filming while I walked along the sidewalk.

I took the the backside  of the wall, too.


11 thoughts on “EAST SIDE Gallery- Berlin

  1. Imagine being separated from family and friends by a wall. So close and yet so far. Imagine the bewilderment. Joe and I were in Paris visiting my sister when it was announced that people were allowed to cross between East and West. We were going to drive to Berlin but did not have time before leaving for home. Wish we could have been there to celebrate. As in many cases your photos elicit fond memories. Thank you Ruth

  2. Berlin is one of my favourite cities, such fascinating history. It’s been a few years since I was last there, so thank you so much for these memories Ruth 🙂

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