If YOU leave a camera or cell phone unattended-

  1. ….and there is an almost nine year old in the vicinity.   Be AWARE.

Happy Ninth Birthday Maura Clare.

October weekend in North Carolina, went to pick up pizza….uh-oh  Found an unauthorized selfie on my goid camera,  shot in the hotel mirror.


And how did someone get my cell phone on the same trip?  Who needs grandma to take your picture?   Not Maura!


Selfie in the car!

And on the beach Maura looked up into my Lens and pushed the shutter for this next shot


So three selfies by Maura on her birthday

and a little memory collage with love from your Grandma



12 thoughts on “If YOU leave a camera or cell phone unattended-

  1. Happy Birthday, Maura! I love all of your selfies and I love you! I’m sending love, hugs and kisses from Pittsburgh on your special day. XXOO

  2. Happy Birthday Maura…love your smile…make today very special…lots of hugs coming your way…

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