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Meet Tina Piña Trachtenburg, street performance artist and animal advocate.

Laura and I walked down to Union Square to the Holiday Market.  It would have been hard to maneuver the popular market on a Saturday afternoon even without the stroller. What a crowd! The weather felt like a warm Spring day.

At the entrance point, we saw this flock of pigeons on the steps and I placed a bill in the open suitcase and asked to photograph the creator of the felt birds.  Then I asked if I might blog her photo and she agreed.   She directed me to the bright green fact sheet under the donations.



  1. wow – this is one of the great locations, you can meet different individuals with hidden art and knowledge, this is deeply amazing!!

  2. She must have a huge cage to store them and bring them to the street every day to set it up. Very creative and informative about pigeons! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mother Pigeon is one cool character. Everybody has a special talent. I am still searching for mine. Somehow this does not surprise me. It is what I love about NYC and especially Central Park?

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