Library Book Due Dates, No Signatures

Just dates. Due dates. No names. No signatures.

There would be short yellow golf pencils, no erasers. I remember signing my name on a card like this one. Thicker card stock.

Blue lines.

The librarian would remove the due date card from the gold pasted pocket inside the library book.

Everything’s electronic now.

I bought Over in the Meadow, an old discarded library copy, used. Originally sold for $3.26 when it was new and printed before zip codes began.

I always loved the illustrations by Feodor Rojankovsky, especially the one below from “Frog Went A Courting”

Here’s the inside of the back cover. The card obliterated the illustration in front

7 thoughts on “Library Book Due Dates, No Signatures

  1. Thank younRuth.,Great memories. Also recalling the Dewey Decimal System and the card drawers and browsing the stacks. Now we order on line and receive notification when the book arrives at our local library. The positive is the larger selection. We always use the library. We never want it to go away. We remember this story and illustrations. Especially notice the American flag flying from the porch and the treadle sewing machine. Simpler times past. We can go back in time through books like this one. Plus we still browse the stacks.

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