Moon Weight and a Poppy Seed

Did you know how much the moon weighs? South side- a couple of weeks ago, while waiting at the bagel place, I was thirsty. I’d already had enough coffee so bought a lemonade/tea.

I never knew the lids held facts. Don’t usually but a bottled drink.

I ate a poppyseed bagel. As I read the fact about the moon I saw a single poppyseed next to the lid. I’m not sure how much that single poppyseed weighs but I learned how much the moon weighs. 81 billion tons!

8 thoughts on “Moon Weight and a Poppy Seed

  1. I wonder how many poppyseed it would take to weigh as much as the moon. I’m sure someone knows.

  2. I have consumed several Snapple in my life, and always enjoy the fun facts on the lid. Your poppyseed does pose a lovely contrast to the weighty moon info! 🙂

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