Moon Weight and a Poppy Seed

Did you know how much the moon weighs? South side- a couple of weeks ago, while waiting at the bagel place, I was thirsty. I’d already had enough coffee so bought a lemonade/tea.

I never knew the lids held facts. Don’t usually but a bottled drink.

I ate a poppyseed bagel. As I read the fact about the moon I saw a single poppyseed next to the lid. I’m not sure how much that single poppyseed weighs but I learned how much the moon weighs. 81 billion tons!

Memories from the Front Porch-Two Glass Reamers and Lemonade

Love the scent of lemon peel as you cut them, the oil on your fingers is summer even though the leaves are just beginning to turn.  Fall arrives this week.  Fresh squeezed lemonade = childhood in July.   Time to juice a couple.  Enjoy one of the last summery days.  My mother used one –  hard to tell them apart.  More scratches on the bottom age it I guess.  See  a cool photo of reamers covering a wall to hide the  ugly wallpaper        The serious collectors meet for conventions.  Do you even wonder how people start a collection?Reamer

Trying to make summer last by squeezing lemons