Yes, it’s a Man OUTSIDE, 368 Meters High (that’s 1207 feet)

We were walking around Alexanderplatz looking for a spot to sit to sip a Radler, and my son said, “There’s a man rappelling up on the Fernsehturm” (TV tower).

You can see him in the second, third and fourth photo. Maybe he was cleaning the windows? Can’t see any equipment, though. There’s an observation deck and a restaurant inside the tower where you can get a great view when the sky is this blue.

I never would have seen him if he hadn’t pointed him out to me. Didn’t travel with a big camera this trip, so no 70-200 lens to get a clear view.

11 thoughts on “Yes, it’s a Man OUTSIDE, 368 Meters High (that’s 1207 feet)

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  2. That is some cool structure. You guys have an eye for detail. Wonder the purpose? Thinking some type of work person. The trick is to not look down and trust your gear. Easy for us to say, huh?

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