Space Station Sighting Sunday Night

You might have to strain your eyes to see it in the photo. The space station sighting on Sunday night. The little white dot to the left,over the neighbors house roof, is the space station. Traveling 4.7 miles per second. Erika’s dad knew what time to see it in the sky, thanks to an app he has.

It tells him where and when to see satellites and such in the night sky. It was really bright. Although it was over Sunset Beach Florida when we saw it, we were standing in Columbus, Ohio.

My iPhone was the camera.

15 thoughts on “Space Station Sighting Sunday Night

  1. I have that app too and it’s exciting to cross the street to the beach here in FL and enjoy a space station sighting, or see a launch from Cape Canaveral ….. of course far off in the distance but exciting nevertheless. JB

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