23 thoughts on “Found in New York City

  1. She probably thought, “I’m done being tortured by these. “ And off she went leaving them behind.

  2. She found them? Like they were just sitting there? Or she put them there to take the picture?
    I wonder if they’re made of real gold…

  3. I never knew your sister wore shoes like that …. she always seemed such a practical sort….. JB

  4. One word.. Yeeeouch! I’m grateful I can finally look at your pics again, Ruth. My internet was being a stubborn bugger. By the way I also wanted to congratulate you on the Press Release for People at work show🙂

    • Awww thank you so much. Yes those heels would be a real pain. Glad you got your internet back up. So frustrating-
      good to see you again.

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