Light Caught in a Pyrex Bowl

When I sat at the dining room table and looked into the kitchen, I saw the yellow bowl with the light shining through it. Right after I took this picture, the sun disappeared and it was a regular old Pyrex bowl. This is a bowl like the one my mother stirred her whole wheat bread dough, covered with a tea towel, let it rise. Large yellow Pyrex bowl on kitchen table

vintage Pyrex large Yellow bowl with sunlight


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16 thoughts on “Light Caught in a Pyrex Bowl

  1. Lovely picture. One can still purchase those retro pyrex bowls at the corning museum in Corning NY. I have one left from a set my grandmother gave me when I married. I use it every day and think of her when a take it out of the cupboard.

  2. Shattered a bowl just like that when I was maybe 10 years old. Hit the upright between double bowl stainless steel sink and went into a thousand pieces. One large shard cut deep into my wrist and little finger. My aunt who lived next door took me to Dr. Bardonner. He stitched me up right there in his office. I remember watching the whole procedure, just mesmerized. My aunt passed out. Ahh, such memories evocked the second I saw the photo in today’s post. To this day no Pyrex in my house.

    • Ouch. Sounds so awful. Yes, you’re right- I’d say the photo today certainly evokes a response and I’m sorry it’s a painful one.

  3. My mother used this same style and color Pyrex bowl for baking as well. It is a clear memory from my youth when cakes, cookies or brownies began with the bowl. It was always special to me with or without the light on it.

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