Elementary Spelling Book

A reproduction of The Elementary Spelling Book by Noah Webster. My grandmother gave it to my father on his 62nd birthday. I found it today while dusting a bookcase.

I’d just been talking with my DIL about spelling earlier in the day.

My guess is this book is like one my father had as a student or used as a teacher.

My father taught all grades in a one room schoolhouse in Illinois.

*And of course we know a boy can toast a piece of bread, too.

19 thoughts on “Elementary Spelling Book

  1. It looks to me like it was an excellent spelling resource. Maybe if they used something like that today kids would actually have to learn how to spell words rather than rely on spellcheck.

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  2. Wow Ruth..You have precious reminders of your family. The book and photo are treasures. It must be fun to rediscover them. The words are certainly challenging for young students. Took, being a teacher and all, will love seeing this one. She, like you, followed in the footsteps of a parent. It was her mother in her case. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  3. The children in that photo speak to me. I am amazed at the number of older boys. It was not uncommon for the families to have the young sons drop out to become an apprentice and contribute to keep the family afloat.

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