Throwback Thursday Home Decor

Ceramic figurines seem to speak of yesteryear to me. People might have them in their homes but I wonder how recently they were purchased. Do people still buy these and put them on display? Dust them? I am fascinated by what people collect. Especially when I’m trying to pare down and reduce my “stuff”.

I’ve posted about Hummels and Lladros before. You’ve seen my Royal Doulton Beatrix Potter figurines and ceramic rabbits who knit. Perhaps you’ve inherited a ceramic figurine from a relative who has passed. One thing I know is this-my own grown up children don’t want any of the porcelain or China things I have in my glass door cupboards.

One this large can’t be classified a tchotchke, can it? (

Urban dictionary says “look around your home and see what a robber probably would not steal.”

Liberty Avenue Window Display

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Home Decor

  1. I think of a “tchotchki” as something that maybe doesn’t have a purpose but it is loved. So, in my mind, it can be described as a tchotchke.

  2. I was in a home a couple of years ago where there were Hummels on display in the living room. Over 300 of them! Absurd.

  3. My mother has two ceramic ducks that are small planters. I remember them from about 65 years ago. Who knows how old they are ? I can picture them facing each other. She has kept and still keeps them on the kitchen window sill so that they get the sun. I believe she plants purple violets in them. At least that is how I remember them. Wow, you sure jogged my memory with this one. We have a number of items from Took’s mother too. The ducks came to my mind though.

  4. I love the urban dictionary definition! 🙂 I am very averse to clutter, and agree with your grown children about not wanting to inherit other’s trinkets.

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