The People at Work Show is a Go


Millvale suffered from the heavy rains and the Main Street looked like a river flowing right through the center of town. The roads were closed Thursday.  Anyone watching the local news, wondered if the opening of my People at Work Show,  scheduled for Saturday 7/7 at 6 PM, could still happen. And the answer is yes. Clean up crews worked feverishly to get the town ready for business.

Hope to see you there for the opening reception Saturday night. Panza Gallery  115 Sedgwick Street Millvale PA.

Regular gallery hours are W TH F 10-5 Sat 10-3

You’ve seen some people at work on the blog already.



30 thoughts on “The People at Work Show is a Go

    • Thank you Yvette. There’s a closing reception the evening of July 28th. Lots of folks had Fourth of July vacation plans this weekend.

      • oooo – well i will see if that will work – you are not too far from me – fingers crossed – and I will let you know if I am coming so we can make sure to connect

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  2. I’m so proud that this is happening for you!! I’ve really enjoyed your People at Work series and know the show will be a success (despite the water!)!

  3. What a great display of your work Ruth! It was nice to see Laura and her family! Congratulations …so many familiar faces.

  4. I shared this in my Twitter feed because I remember some of the posts you ran with some of these photos. I really like that this is now a show. Best of luck with it. If I was closer, I would make the trip!

    • Thank you Amy. The portraits being exhibited is really satisfying. The gallery owner invited me to show the people at Work series as he followed the blog and liked them. The opening reception and all the positive response was validating. Wish you were closer, too. Thanks for the tweet.

    • Thanks so much Audrey. I know you would. I’ve driven to Minnesota several times and it’s a long long way. One son went to language camp in Bemidji and college at Macalester. I will post the show toward the end of the month.

  5. I have been out of the country, so have fallen behind in your blog. 🙁 However, huge congrats to you on the successful show! So glad you were able to have it despite the weather.

    • Thanks Stef. Missed you and your ongoing positive words. Hope you had a wonderful time. How to keep up with your French now that you’re back?

      • I did have a lovely time, and the question of how to maintain the French is a good one. More trips to Paris? 🙂

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