The First Post of the Tenth Year of Blogging

Today is the ninth year anniversary of blogging. The start of year ten. Yikes!

Almost every day. Sometimes every 36 hours instead of 24. The times when there was no internet access, the hard drive crashed, the time I fried the computer with a glass of beer, traveling or feeling unwell. Many days I found a way, made a way to get a photo posted, somehow.

A friend gave me this Campbell Pottery (of Crawford County Pennsylvania) vase with a little brass frog to hold the flower stems. It’s a beautiful work of art. Thanks Debbie.

Being part of the blogging community and getting to know fellow bloggers around the world is the best. We share thoughts, ideas and images that inspire and we encourage one another to keep on blogging.

Thank you readers, commenters, guest bloggers and those who click the “like” button and those who visit anonymously.

40 thoughts on “The First Post of the Tenth Year of Blogging

  1. Congratulations on beginning year ten. Thank you for helping me smile as I start my day.

  2. Congratulations on beginning year ten. Thank you for helping me smile as I start my day.

  3. In my not-so-humble opinion, that is an outstanding photograph! I think it’s one of your best. The lighting, the shadows, the composition, the wood grain … everything! Outstanding! And congratulations on the beginning your tenth year of blogging. May you have many more.

  4. Thanks for bringing out beauty everyday! I often find myself thinking how Ruth might photograph things I see.
    Congratulations and thanks for pushing through, even on difficult days, it’s appreciated.

  5. Congrats! How many posts have you done? (I’m wondering whether I can hope to achieve your milestone when I start my 9th year of blogging… or not!)

  6. Outstanding photos and wonderful / inspiring / funny messages for 9 years…….. how you have spoiled us!!!! So glad you are continuing into Year 10! Today’s vase and flowers are beautiful!!! love E

    • The time has slipped by in a blink. There have been highs, lows, slogs, flows. And there’s always that subtext of life, which you spare the readers. Thanks Gilly.

  7. A decade of daily blogging is incredible. I am lucky to know you, and to get to enjoy slices of your life through this awesome medium.

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