Four Dead in Ohio – Guest Blog from Kent State


Four dead in Ohio. Kent State May 4, 1970. 

Sunday evening, Mark and Erika and the family drove back home to Columbus after spending the weekend in Pittsburgh.

These are the photographs Mark texted as he and his family visited the Kent State memorial  siteDE82EE53-EF95-44E6-BC99-865F54A3E6C4



Photo on right taken through the bullet hole in an iron sculpture

4290BC0D-7E67-471F-9CE3-5D71F3759300Mark said “very chilling.

The kids were disturbed by the whole story.



11 thoughts on “Four Dead in Ohio – Guest Blog from Kent State

  1. I knew Allison Krause’s family. It was a very hard time for them and for America.

  2. I was there on May 4th, on the commons when the shootings occurred. So much mis-information at the time and afterward about what happened and why. Revisited the area two years ago and toured the museum and grounds . . . very well done. Nice pictures reminding us of an event which impacted a nation.

  3. We visited the museum in September ’17. Look for the 2 free dedicated parking spaces near the building. There are several art pieces interspersed among the outside signage. Included in the 2 room museum is an excellent multi- media presentations capturing the zeitgeist of mid- 1960’s- early ’70’s. I graduated from KSU in ’69 and Shuey in ’71 and found the students at the info desk well trained in the dynamics of that period.

  4. Unsettling times. The SDS and Black Panther Party and Abby Hoffman and Patty Hearst and Chicago and on and on. We were in college.. The photos of Kent State are etched in my memory. My niece went to Kent State. She was on the gymastics team. A few years ago we went to a meet there. We walked sround campus. It was our first time there. I cannot describe the sadness. Kind of like visiting Arlington Cemetery. At least for me. The rectangles with the lights in the parking lot where students died were especially touching. When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?

  5. A very disturbing story, and setting. And yet, shootings of innocents are only increasing in frequency, and seem to get little attention – certainly not outrage at the Kent State level. (shaking head)

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