Going to Look at My Wrist Instead of My Phone

Going to look at my wrist instead of my phone. After more than three years of not wearing a watch, I’m returning to wearing one. Needed two hands to make it glow. I was able to take this photo by using the 3 second timer and propping the phone up in a wooden iPad holder while I pushed the watch stem to make it glow. Just a basic generic watch. I think there are watches somewhere the house that need a battery but I wanted something reliable, quickly. Are you a phone, watch or wall clock checker?

Or none of the above.

20 thoughts on “Going to Look at My Wrist Instead of My Phone

  1. I’m almost always aware of the time so I frequently check my wall clock, alarm clocks, stove and microwave clocks when I’m at home and my watch and cell phone when I’m out and about. I seem to have a need to know the time.

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  2. Neither Tookie nor I have worn a watch since retirement. Our watches stopped at some point and we have not replaced them. Still we are never late but on occasion we are too early. Cell phone, kitchen clock and car clock seem to do it. Oh yeah and when the sun comes up it is day time and when the sun goes down it is night time. Now, do not ask me the date. That I never seem to kmow because the days just run not only together but also on and on and….

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  3. As I am doing more traveling lately, I have resumed wearing a watch. I now have 4 that I trade between on a daily basis, and kind of like it.


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