15 thoughts on “Londonderry Signage- Guest Blog

  1. Wow…concern for the elderly. Now that we are in our early 70s we truly appreciate being treated with thoughtfulness and kindness. Not much to ask for it seems. Still and yet ???? .Thanks Ruth. Looks like you are having a great time. Stay safe and enjoy each moment.

  2. Just had a thiught…By the way, you deserve all that is good….so have lots and lots of fun.

  3. This sign is priceless! I wonder how many elderly people live in that neighborhood to warrant such a sign?

  4. This is a common sign across the UK. My mother, when in her 80s (and coincidently from Co Derry, but by that time living in Suffolk) was very annoyed that her local council refused to out one up close to where she lived, a retirement complex, where there was a very fast corner and no pavement on her side of the road. Her annoyance was exacerbated by the fact there was a sign warning motorists to slow down as ducks might be crossing the road.

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