Great Greats

For my cousins who are across the country- Here are some photos and names and dates.

Great Great Grandfather Henry Otto Hendricks and Grandmother Mary Sonfelt on my father’s side. Came to America in 1851.

Born in 1823 and 1824 in Berlin How fortunate there are names and dates in the backs of these photos.

Frank Hendricks top left is my father’s Grandfather and here he is below with his wife Rosa Dayton

Here is Rosa Dayton in the middle with her two sons Glenn Hendricks and my father’s father on the right, Floyd Merle Hendricks (also father of Alan Hendricks and Shirley Speer and Harold Hendricks) No years on the back of this one.

12 thoughts on “Great Greats

  1. How fortunately you are to have these photos and with the names of the persons written on its back! I have dozens of photos of my wife’s ancestors that cannot be identified. You must be happy having such a treasure of old family photos, Ruth.

    • It is truly a gift and at this point of my life I really appreciate having them and sharing with the next generation.

  2. My first reaction to last picture was that it was your father in picture. Your father sure looked a lot like his father

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