Super Comfortable but there are Holes in the Soles

I needed new slippers. For a long time. I finally got a pair. AND I need to discard the old ones.

The old pair had gotten ratty and ripped in spots, but well broken-in and comfortable, even though the soles cracked off over a year ago.

The new ones are so clean – they need to be broken in, I guess.

I’m looking longingly at the old ones. Surely they’ve some wear in them left……?

Just throw them out already, right?

Did you ever struggle with discarding something you’ve had a long time?

14 thoughts on “Super Comfortable but there are Holes in the Soles

    • Hard to tackle it. Just thought this one example so obvious in need of the trash. And yet……

  1. Throw them out! But first, be sure to thank them for providing you such comfort over the years, and then wish them well on their journey (Marie Kondo style).

  2. I am not usually sentimental about things but those worn slippers would be hard for me to part with.

  3. Once I secure a replacement for something I own, the original item is gone. I thank it for its service, then acknowledge that nothing lasts forever, and wish it well. 🙂

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