Guest Blog – Phoenix Bus Ride to the Hotel

Phoenix Bus Ride to the Hotel.    

Could be a six word Saturday too.

Guest blogger is portrait artist Sharon Weaver  You’ve seen an example of Sharon’s portrait painting of my daughter Laura on a Dec 2010 blogpost Unexpected Gift Late Christmas Eve link

Laura’s brother Mark titled it Mona Laura 


7 thoughts on “Guest Blog – Phoenix Bus Ride to the Hotel

  1. This is a great photo. It really makes a statement about the state of our world today. I wonder how this phenomenon is going to impact the future? Will people no longer know how to approach each other and make small talk?

  2. I remember decades ago when I rode to work by bus (in the 1970s) and there was no interaction ….. everyone had their head buried in a book.

  3. I used to ride the bus to work too. No one talked to anyone, other than to say hi to the bus driver. I read most of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ on the bus… My daughter commutes at least an hour each way by bus and train. She reads, blogs, knits, sends emails to family and friends. It is her R&R time.

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