Stacking Wood the Ohio Way

This is the way Chuck and Sharon keep their home toasty warm in the winter. There were at least three huge stacks of firewood. I have a little plastic thermostat on the wall that I adjust, no real work involved.

I asked what kind of wood it is and Chuck says “Ash”.

When I got home I ordered this book for Chuck. not that he needs any tips on how to chop, stack or dry wood but just to read about the Scandinavian way.  ( It’s a bestseller- click title for article on how it became a “global hit”) – Norwegian Wood by Lars Mytting

I heard about this book when I visited Norway last fall.  I sent it to my brother in Okanogan. He heats with a woodstove, too.

10 thoughts on “Stacking Wood the Ohio Way

  1. Very impressive. They would laugh to hear how folks in the Florida Panhandle search for someone to deliver a truck load of wood for the few nights of chilly winter nights !

  2. I’m in Ohio too and the wood goes fast! When we first started to heat the house with wood and the gas company stopped because they thought something was wrong with our meter…hahahaha

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