Movie Ticket Stubs from the Sixties

Who knows why I glued these into a leather bound scrapbook all those years ago? Who knows why I still have the scrapbook?

Throwback Thursday post.

919157AF-F5A7-4220-BDE1-9B15D460AF8FFA545FDD-166E-4B89-B929-DE4310E73EA1My sister Mary took me to see The Wrong Box.

8 thoughts on “Movie Ticket Stubs from the Sixties

  1. I remember those stubs and they were stored in a scrapbook that was pitched a long time ago. The more I move, the more stuff I find I can live without.

  2. They really are pretty cool! I’ve been going through that kind of stuff, scanning it, and then discarding it. I don’t know if I’ll regret throwing the stuff out some day!

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