Family Album 1944

Family Picnic 1944 Durand, Illinois

Front row: Paul Van Sickle, Mary Hendricks on Roy Hendricks, Marian Van Sickle Hendricks, Elizabeth Van Sickle, Kathryn Van Sickle, Rhea Van Sickle holding Martha Van Sickle

Back row: John R. Van Sickle, John B. Van Sickle standing in front of Robert Van Sickle and Judd Van Sickle

My grandmother Charlotte must have taken the photo.

Uncle Harold Milks a Cow c.1936

My father’s brother Harold Paul Hendricks was called “Butch” Born in 1928 .
I estimate he is about 8 or 9 years old
In a different part of the old sticky album.
No chance to see if there’s any writing on the back.

Throwback to 1927 Boy Scout Camp

My mother Marian standing on wall on the the left and her brother Robert seated below her. Not sure who the other women are.

I tried to see if one was their mother, my grandmother. They must have taken their brother John to Boy Scout Camp.

I might discover I’ve posted this pic previously.

My Uncle John

My Mother and Her Family c.1926

She’s on the left in her ruffled dress, her brother Robert next to her, then their mother Charlotte in the cloche hat, her brother John and their father Judd. I’m guessing on the date .

Marian, Robert, Charlotte, John, Judd
Durand, Illinois

2005 Grandkids DSLR Selfies

Throwback Thursday from the archives.

I was trying to get a photo of the three grandkids in 2005.

I let them press the shutter release button on the cable.

All three of them will be in high school this fall. ( Well, in a couple of weeks! )

Anna took this one
Michael took this one