Standing Ovation for Simon Vullo Underiner’s Pipe Organ Senior Recital

This magnificent photo captures the evening perfectly, photographed by guest blogger, Andrew Wagner.

Everyone standing up and applauding heartily for Simon Vullo Underiner’s Senior Recital on the Pipe Organ.   Taken Thursday evening at Holy Spirit Chapel, Duquesne University. The music was magnificent.  Congratulations Simon!

Simon Vullo Underiner looks down from the Pipe Organ balcony as everyone stands and applauds his senior recital. Photographed by Andrew Wagner 
Simon Vullo Underiner with Organ and Sacred Music Professor Dr. Ann Labounsky

Program Pieces  –            Fantasia in F Minor K. 608 I. Allegro Maestoso II, Adante  III. Allegro  by W. A. Mozart
Wacahet auf, rüft uns die Stimme BWV 645  by J. S. Bach
Sonata V for Organ  IAdante  II. Adante con Moto  III. Allegro Maestoso by Felix Mendelsshon- Bartholdy
Arioso (from Six Pieces) by  Joseph Wilcox  Jenkins
L’Ascension   I. The Majesty of Christ    II. Serene Alleluias    III Outbursts of Joy
IV, Prayer of Christ Ascending    by  Olivier Messiaen   



9 thoughts on “Standing Ovation for Simon Vullo Underiner’s Pipe Organ Senior Recital

  1. I attended Duquesne for a year and a half in the early 1970s. I am sure I attended worship in that chapel, but I haven’t even thought of it in decades. Congratulations to Simon.

  2. I imagine that was a stunning performance. Big congrats to Simon – and big kudos to you for supporting all forms of art in your community!

  3. Dr. Ruth, Simon was terrific! Thanks so much for giving us permission to see the organ. Dorothy and Hugh

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