Anna at the Alpaca Farm

My granddaughter Anna (15) is guest blogger today.

She photographed these alpacas at the Smith Mountain Lake Farm in Virginia last weekend.


She said the alpacas are nice and don’t spit at you like llamas They are like dogs. Plus they poop in the same place everytime..

Anna, thanks for sending the photos.

17 thoughts on “Anna at the Alpaca Farm

  1. These are great photos of the alpacas. The closeup shots of their faces make the alpacas seem like they’re full of personality. I feel like they’re looking right at me. Good job, Anna!

  2. Good job, Anna! Makes me want to get one! Maybe they can teach my 4 cats to poop in one place!

  3. The alpacas look like they would be imbibing at the Star War bar with Hans Solo. Thanks, Anna.

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