From Grandmother’s Album -July 2, 1916

From my grandmother Charlotte’s photo album. My mother, Marian, is the little girl standing in front of her Aunt Edna and Aunt Mae. Younger brother Robert is seated on the left.  Their father, my grandfather, Judd, is the man smiling in the back on the left. My mother’s grandfather peeking between the women’s faces. Perhaps my cousins will be able to identify more relatives.

Durand Illinois  July 2, 1916.

8 thoughts on “From Grandmother’s Album -July 2, 1916

  1. Really appreciate your family photos. We have some that go back to my grandparents. I never knew them. Nobody can find a photo of my father’s father. I have tried. I think about him for some reason. I have always been curious about how he looked. I may never know. I keep trying though. I am glad that you have these images.

  2. Really precious to have photos this old. As I was looking at it I was reminded that it was so much a bigger deal to get a photo taken back then! My was it. And now -we snap and click away –

  3. 1916 is the year my parents were born. I am lucky to have known my mother’s mother, but my dad’s parents died before I was born. I do have pictures of them and my dad looked just like his mother.

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