At Sixes and Sevens?

“Sabina’s opening monologue from Thornton Wilder’s 1942 Pulitzer Prize winning play The Skin of Our Teeth: “The whole world’s at sixes and sevens, and why the house hasn’t fallen down about our ears long ago is a miracle to me” – Wikipedia

Today I’m sixty seven. That number seemed to come up quickly!   Sixty seven isn’t exactly at sixes and sevens -which is defined as “a state of confusion or disarray”- but the phrase certainly came to mind when I thought of my new age for the year.  I looked up the origin and meaning of the phrase and you can click the blue phrase for more details.

In light of a recent conversation I was asked, “what would your seventy seven year old self write in a letter as advice to heed now?”

Hmmmm, I didn’t start writing the actual letter yet but here’s a start-

Dear 67 year old Ruth,

What can I tell you from the vantage point and wisdom of 77 years of age?

Are you living your life to the absolute fullest every single day? Come on, be honest.

Tell me how are you coming along with your practice of that Golden Rule? Be kind. 

Are you making a point to learn from past mistakes or are you repeating them? What did you learn today? You can still increase your vocabulary.

Be sure to become less judgmental, less critical and always choose to take that elusive high road. Difficult, isn’t it? It will be no easier when you’re 77 years old. Trust me. To whine and complain is tiresome and unattractive. Don’t do it.

Work on your listening skills. Hear what others are saying. Ouch. 

You know you should really commit to doing serious physical exercise, eat more dark leafy greens, drink lots of water and by the way, what’s with all that cheese? Take good care of yourself and avoid the sun.

Be sure to clear out all those possessions you’ve accumulated all these years so your grown up kids aren’t burdened later. Just remember- no one wants your  stuff.  

Becoming 67 today doesn’t mean you’re at sixes and sevens for the year.  

Anyway have a good birthday-and be grateful you have one. 

Love ❤️.

Multiply it to the nth power.

                            My baby cup.


39 thoughts on “At Sixes and Sevens?

  1. I love your letter to yourself! Compassionate and honest – sometimes a difficult balance to strike, but you did so beautifully.

    As for the cheese – hey, you’re 67/77. Eat as much of that as you want. 😉

  2. Ruth E Too much thinking on your birthday! Thinking
    Is for other days! Enjoy the day and HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  3. One doesn’t often see references to Thorton Wilder these days. My Uncle Russell was a composer. He studied at Columbia University under Aaron Copland. He also wrote an operetta entitled, “Unicorn in the Garden,” based on the story and illustrations by Wilder. It’s a small world indeed.

    • Sorry to pop in on your conversation with Ruth but I couldn’t help myself. 😉 Intrigued that your uncle studied under Aaron Copland. That must have been amazing.

      • Yes, ma’am! My uncle’s full name was William Russell Smith. Later in life, he went by plain ol’ Russell. In the 1970’s, he was the conductor in residence for the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. His operetta was premiered by the Denver opera company back in 1963, I believe. His last 20 years of life were spent in Munich. I am very proud of him!

    • No worries. Seeing as these two great writers were born just three years apart, they are definitely from the same era. I’ve been to James Thurber house in Columbus OH. I appreciate your taking time to write today and your previous comment is definitely intriguing to me. thanks Russell.

  4. Happy Birthday Ruth! Strive to follow your 77 year old’s advice and live to be a happy 100.

    “If you live to be one hundred, you’ve got it made. Very few people die past that age.” George Burns

  5. Enjoy every minute of ur “six and sevens” day, Ruth, and as you know what Bill would be telling you—you are now in your 68th year! Happy birthday!!!!

  6. Ruth- sending wishes for continued health and time to travel. Happy birthday.
    Smiling as I am baking a cheese and bacon quiche- threw in some chopped red peppers and onion – ha, ha, ha… to claim it is healthy version.
    I have suntan lotion bottles everywhere leading to my beach bag – bathroom, laundry room, garage shelf. Then as I head to the car with beach towel I notice at least one of them and apply before leaving the garage.

  7. Happy Birthday, Miss Red, White and Blue! True Blue! Love your letter to
    Self……maybe there are fireworks in your July 4th evening!!??! Continue having
    A great day ! ALOHA

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