8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Oh wow Ruth. I will tell you now that I would never be able to eat just one. They look so good. As I get older I seem to crave sweets more and more. I can only dream though.

  2. Thoughts from a Type 1 diabetic. In 1953 when I was diagnosed at the age of 4, my pediatrician told my mom to let me have at least a small piece of what everyone else was having so I never felt different from the other kids. I’m a Big Kid now and I still have a small piece of cake. I want part of the pink one!

  3. I never was attracted to frosted donuts. Glazed yes, because it’s just a thin amount. Glazed are my favorite, addicting if you ask me. So I’ll take these without the colors and extras decorations. Cinnamon and sugar if you’re out of glazed but they aren’t nearly as good. And probably not yeast donuts which glazed usually are. There, you have all my opinions on donuts! More than you wanted to know.

  4. My immediate first thought was, “What kind of dye is in the frosting?” The older I get, the more I crave less-processed/chemical things.

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