Colleen and Her Love of Colorful Quilting

This is a collaborative guest post by two wonderfully creative women who have been friends since forever.

Colleen and Joanne hail from Nova Scotia.  Joanne, living in Florida, collected the photos and good information about Colleen and her love of colorful quilting.

Get to know Colleen and her colorful quilts-


Colleen says “I have a huge stash of fabric that I like to look at for inspiration.  Some I have had for many years and almost everything was purchased in the US.  I order online occasionally but it gets expensive with taxes, customs and shipping and delivery to Canada can take a long time – so much for instant gratification!  Currently Florida is my “go to” shopping locale because I’m there at least once a year.  Found a great quilt shop in St. Augustine 

Here is Colleen, looking to the sun.

Colleen’s cookbook shelves were featured on the blog about five years ago

10 thoughts on “Colleen and Her Love of Colorful Quilting

  1. Those are some beautiful quilts! A sense of color is needed and a talent for sewing. Unfortunately I have neither.

  2. I have a deep appreciation for all things quilt because my mom was a quilter. I have several of them in my house. All of the quilts shown were, I’m sure, a lot of hard loving work (and so beautiful)!

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