Oldest Free Library Building Now Museumlab

Saturday morning we went to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and the new Museumlab (for older kids) is in the adjacent First Free Library.

In the original part of the museum, Charlie (4) and Maura (10) had a wonderful time together in the BACKYARD section which was open since it’s summer.  When they would swing, the Interactive Metal Sculpture made clanging tones and the Bubbling Mud was great fun.

A favorite finish to a fun day at the Cloud Arbor misting pipes by Ned Kahn.

5 thoughts on “Oldest Free Library Building Now Museumlab

  1. I’ve been to children’s museum. Awesome building. Glad it’s past is being recognized

  2. I adore people with generous spirits – such a powerful way for their legacy to live on and impact literally millions of other humans in a future they likely couldn’t even imagine.

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