Vacuum Canister Contents Search

Did you ever suck up a tiny toy piece when you ran the vacuum?

I carefully emptied the contents of the canister (is there any pile left in my red rug?) into a garbage bag, poked around with some pointy scissors. Not a fruitful search.

I did NOT find the little blue Playmobil nozzle end that fit the plastic firefighter’s hose.

I did find a wee drumstick, a knitting marker and a Lego light piece. That was all I could come up with. I should have put a penny down so you could see how small they were. Oh, I found a dusty Cheerio and a length of dental floss, too. Just dirt and dust and fibers. Yuck.

If you’ve followed the blog for awhile, You might remember my dryer lint post.


4 thoughts on “Vacuum Canister Contents Search

  1. Through the years I wonder what I would have found, had I looked. I never looked!

  2. Ew. You are a very kind grandma for trying to retrieve the toy piece amid that muck. I would have just said “sorry kiddo”, and moved on. 😀

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