How One Looks at Dryer Lint

Last week I emptied the dryer at my son and DIL’s. Thought I’d help out, fold a load.

When I cleaned out the lint trap, I found a tri-layered catch of  fresh dryer lint.  The striation helped out by the load of new white towels.

I put the dryer lint on the counter above the garbage and saw the face of a sock monkey.

“Erika”, I said, “let me save the dryer lint and show the kids in the morning, It’s striped and looks like a sock monkey.”

Hmmmm.  I decided to take a pic on the phone instead and throw it in the trash cause I didn’t think she was seeing the face and she hadn’t been to the dryer lint art show at the  Duds ‘N Suds Laundromat on Centre Ave  here in Pittsburgh, a few years ago.  I took some friends and it was a memorable and quirky event. The laundromat had that detergent, steamy scent.  The people and scenes were all made from none other than DRYER LINT!  You know how different loads offer different colors, frequently gray but sometimes a lovely hue, depending on the clothes or sheets.

My DIL had no idea there was a National Lint Project and that artist Cheryl Capezutti  creates art from such a catch.  You can go to her website and see her creations.

 What I should have done is send the batch of lint to the artist Cheryl Capezutti and she could have created a winged creature or a tiny figure. She finds art in the everyday.

My lint screen here at home in Pittsburgh isn’t as interesting a shape, either.  Erika’s is a half moon and mine is a flat, broad screen.

dryer lint

15 thoughts on “How One Looks at Dryer Lint

  1. This is crazy! I had no idea there was so much grace to the humble dryer lint. I will be on the lookout next time I clean mine out…although I am not sure I will be able to create anything as cute as your sock monkey 🙂

  2. Lorraine (hailing from Australia) wrote to say that she saw Neopolitan Ice Cream but somehow her comment went to an attachment page.
    thanks Lorraine.

  3. That’s an awful lot of dryer lint, Ruth. I hang my washing outside, here in South Africa. I’m sure it’s much kinder to the fabrics. In Florida, we’re not allowed to have a wash-line outside, and I’m always horrified at how much lint there is in the filter. I’ll watch out for faces next time I’m there. 🙂

  4. Thought dryer lint was only used as tinder when you are out camping. Who would have thought dyer lint could be a form of art. Just goes to show beauty can be found in everything. Your camera has a way of finding it. Love your blog.

  5. I love quirky unexpected ideas because they make life more alive… I will now examined drier lint with new eyes. Great monkey face, and it is smiling.

  6. LOL! It sure looks like that and before I knew what you saw, I saw a piggy’s face. Quite imaginative Ruth! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 *hugs*

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