Josie at the DQ Drive-Thru Window

Just in from Ohio – Photo sent by my DIL Erika this afternoon.

Josie the Airedale was wishing it was Starbucks cause she gets a Puppycino (foam in a paper cup)

Not sure if she got a taste of the soft serve ice cream or not.

I thought it was nicely framed. Thanks Erika.

7 thoughts on “Josie at the DQ Drive-Thru Window

  1. Yes, a nicely framed photo! I love it when someone takes a terrific photo of an everyday occurrence. Using the rear view mirror as a frame makes this a unique photo. Good job by your DIL.

  2. I am sure that Erika or somebody had to share. Sometimes a little cup will do. I do not see how anybody could refuse that longing look for a refreshing treat.

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