Rolled Ice Cream is Hot on Butler Street

I’ve been away for awhile.  My friend B said “let’s go to NatuRoll Creamery get rolled ice cream in Lawrenceville. There’s always a line” (which is a good sign).

Turns out it didn’t open until three. So we had a delicious lunch at VANDAL first, waiting for three o’clock to roll around.


Kaden took our orders and $. Two Spring Specials -Blueberry Lemon on a Vanilla Base.


Abby made mine.

Then she added them lemon zest


and a slice of lemon

IMG_2442The focus is on Abby.  Takes 2-5 minutes to create each fancy finished special.


Soda Fountain and Chocolates

Yetter’s in Millvale, PASaturday morning.

 I wanted my grandchildren to see an old time soda fountain. It was too early for ice cream so we bought some things to-go, for later after the Children’s Museum-snacks,  bottles of water, chocolate coins and some sour patch kids from the candy selection. 

We will return for ice cream before they head home. 

So Bad but Sooo Good

Working on photos, getting bleary eyed and thinking about finishing up for the night – and Steve brought home Sea Salt and Caramel ice cream from WF. Uh-oh!


And then to top it off- he comes upstairs with a sweet foamy combo-

A Dr. Better float

 But hey, no preservatives-

And No caffeine –

(what happened to the I before e, except after c rule?) 
Not quite ready to pull an all-nighter, though. 

The Village of Rockton Illinois Afternoon

Another Spring Break post-

Mary and I drove from Durand, Illinois (our mother’s hometown and the town where our parents were married in 1939)

to Rockton, Illinois in Winnebago County.

We browsed in Main Street Antiques Mall and Mary bought a couple of handkerchiefs.  There were two vintage jukeboxes playing records as we enjoyed looking at all the vintage items.

Main Street Antiques



Rockton IL 15

Rockton IL 14



Rockton IL 13

We had these exact bookends in the house when I was growing up.  I think they are at Mark and Erika’s house now



Rockton IL 19

Had just been in San Antonio for a wedding a couple of weeks ago.


Rockton IL 16






Truman was president when I was born!

Rockton IL 18

Then we went into the library.



Rockton IL library

What a beautiful library!  The Talcott Free Library is celebrating 125 years this year.




Rockton IL 5

Inside the library-


Rockton IL 3







Rockton IL 12 Rockton IL 11


A close up of one of the ships in a glass case at the library.



Bring a puzzle, take a puzzle.  A jigsaw puzzle library.

jigsaw puzzles



Wedding Cake Ice Cream was the recommended flavor at the Dairyhäus, according to a guidebook Mary had read in NYC.

The Dairyhäus was located right next to the library and opened at 3 PM.

I sampled several flavors but decided on the Peter Rabbit which was a carrot cake flavor. Mary had the Toffee Fudge.  Ice Cream season had just started.  One employee who has worked NINE seasons at the Dairyhäus created the counted cross stitch Care Bears sampler.


Care Bears Cross Stitch



The Dairy Haus




Brent MurrayOwner Brent Murray shows off an ice cream cake his wife had just put together in the back.  Brent really enjoys his work!  He said mother had purchased the ice cream store in 1994 and he has been there ever since. He’s enthusiastic about his product and with good reason.


Street Life 2

The Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life   part two  Found these in my old laptop. Different city streets-

 From the archives 

pittsburgh poetry

Waiting for the Bus East Liberty
Waiting for the Bus East Liberty
Taxis and Yellow Tables NYC
Taxis and Yellow Tables NYC
Pizza Men New York City
Pizza Men New York City
Someone's Wedding on Roberto Clemente Bridge
Someone’s Wedding on Roberto Clemente Bridge

Pirates Sidewalk bridge

Headed to Summer Pirates Game
Headed to Summer Pirates Game
Couch on Sidewalk NYC
Couch on Sidewalk NYC
Short North Beer Truck Columbus
Short North Beer Truck Columbus
New York City
New York City
Poetry in Bloomfield
Poetry in Bloomfield
Pirates Sidewalk
Pirates Sidewalk
Bus Stop Millvale
Bus Stop Millvale
High Street Columbus Ohio
High Street Columbus Ohio
Garbage Men on Josephine St
Garbage Men on Josephine St

Raspberries and Blueberries on Vanilla Häagen-Dazs

Accompanied by ginger snaps!

This is the dessert my friend V served at a lovely home cooked dinner last Saturday.  It was delicious.  A generous helping, too.

A nice finish to a simply perfect meal. Walleye caught by Cousins Jeff and Jeffrey, a baked sweet potato and salad with whisked lemon juice and olive oil dressing.  Found this in my phone tonight and was thinking about how everything was so good.  She said she was following the same idea my mother used to profess-  Buy the best food you can and do as little to it as possible.  Good advice.

The Pamela’s Ginger Mini Snapz are gluten free and quite tasty.    Hope you have a good day Saturday.  HBTY!

Bowl of Ice Cream and Fruit

Swivel Stools and Ice Cream Counter at Yetter’s in Millvale

It gets dark early these days. The interior of Yetter’s caught my eye after we parked and headed down Grant Ave to Sedgwick Street.

Steve and I were on our way to Panza Gallery for an art opening reception last Saturday night. Do you remember Millvale Days when I didn’t bring my camera and had to shoot with my phone? Well, we headed for the art opening and all I had was my phone to capture this scene at night.

Yetter’s is known for their homemade candies which you can mail order online although I must confess I have never eaten a chocolate covered potato chip. Just an old fashioned place with fresh candies and ice cream and delicious milkshakes.


Reverse Root Beer Float at Jeni’s

Columbus Ohio
We got ice cream cones after supper at Jeni’s. Their salty caramel flavor is really good. There was a sign for a reverse root beer float.
Of course, I had to ask…. Cream soda and root beer ice cream. I had a scoop of root beer ice cream along with the salty caramel.  Next time I will try the float!
Jeni’s is delicious





Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

You’ve seen Ice Cream Trucks.  How about an Ice Cream Boat?

Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. 500 miles of shoreline.

We were 35 miles from Roanoke. Celebrating Mark’s 36th birthday today.

Memorial Day Weekend with the family.  Rented a pontoon boat and enjoyed a hot summery day on the lake.

Ice Cream Boat

 Ice Cream Boat
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