Looks like Van Gogh

“Quick Anna. Get my phone. Take pictures for me” we rolled down her window.

I’d picked her up at cross country practice about four. On the way home the Ohio landscape was reminiscent of Van Gogh’s Wheat Fields and Cypresses to me but I was driving.  Anna kept shooting. Thanks Anna for capturing the scene.

I loved the addition of the bright school crossing sign

13 thoughts on “Looks like Van Gogh

    • I’m sure you’re exactly right. No wheat fields in Ohio, that I’ve seen. No cypress tree either😀

  1. Now run the photos through a sophisticated editing program, add a few swirling distortions, and you will have an authentic Van Gogh look. Great pictures of the wheat fields with impressive cloud formation for a background, Ruth!

  2. I love taking photos out the car window when my husband is driving! My oldest son is 9 and I’ve been handing him my phone to take photos if I’m driving. lol
    Sometimes you just gotta capture “that” (whatever “that” may be in the moment).
    Those are Gorgeous photos!

    • Yes it can be fun. There was no place to pullover so I was glad my granddaughter was willing to catch the view.

  3. You have a quick eye Ruth. I have been a Van Gogh fan since seeing Starry Night during a Freshman art class in college many years ago. I like the comparison. Plus, Anna has a good eye as well as a steady hand.

  4. Ruth,

    Connie talked about your blog. My husband considers himself the #1 Pittsburgh Steelers though we’ve never been to Pittsburgh…

    Love that amazing picture of “Looks like VanGogh”

    • Hope your husband got to see the Monday Night Football photos from a week ago. Thank you for checking out the blog. Love Connie. She is a dear. Good to see you. The Van Gogh Series was captured by my granddaughter Anna who will be 16 this week.

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