Polish Poppy Seed Rolls – Makowiec

Southwestern Pennsylvania is famous for baking poppyseed and nut rolls for the holidays

Refrigerator case at the Polish Deli in Pittsburgh’s Strip District Friday afternoon

Makowiec Polish Poppy Seed Roll

Here’s another recipe for Polish Poppyseed Roll

In the video/ slideshow Marlene “bakes” Hungarian Nut Rolls with her sisters eight years ago. She bakes it for real every year.  It’s delicious. I found the words “beigli – a traditional Hungarian pastry roll filled with walnuts” and Kolache  


Here’s a post I did on Povitica -a Croatian Bread that looks similar


6 thoughts on “Polish Poppy Seed Rolls – Makowiec

  1. My mother was Polish. She and her two sisters used to make poppy seed rolls every year at Christmastime and other special occasions. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Our Aunt Jane ans Aunt Bernice, my mother’s sisters, used to make this. We are of Polish heritage so I am thinking that they are the same. They were soooo good with melted butter. You are helping me reminisce about Christmas with our family. Everybody is gone now except for our Mother who will be 97 on the 18th. Got to love them.

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