My Dad Bought These Shoes in 1994

On the way to Christmas Eve, my son showed me his shoes.  “Grampa bought me these shoes   in 1994.”

 Mark told me he wore them to his high school, college and grad school graduations. He wore them at the baptisms of each of his 4 children.

He proposed to his wife in these shoes.

Mark added the burgundy laces for Xmas  and he showed me the socks I knit him for his 40th birthday.  It was sweet to hear the story of his shoes.

This morning he said they are Johnston & Murphy Conrad wingtips.

25 year old shoes


12 thoughts on “My Dad Bought These Shoes in 1994

  1. Must be a good quality pair of shoes! Great that Mark kept them looking so good. The laces are a nice holiday touch!

  2. That’s a great story. How many people can say they wore the same pair of shoes for every major life event? Hope he saves them forever and tells his grandchildren that story.

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