Purchased My First Sock Blank

Wednesday afternoon, Amy at McWalker Yarns in Millvale PA, unboxed several Pittsburgh designs and also Rainbow Sock Blanks created exclusively for McWalker Yarns by Yarn over New York. 

I bought this one- Pittsburgh Skyline with Landmark Bridges snd Buildings 
Will I hang it up as ART or unravel and knit a pair of Pittsburghy Socks?  If you are a knitter, have you knit from a sock blank before?  

From Bluprint Website

“What is a sock blank?”

“A sock blank is a long, rectangular piece of knitted fabric created by a knitting machine and then dyed or stamped with color. The edge of the sock blank isn’t bound off — it’s loose so that you can knit from it, pulling the stitches out as you go. The basic idea behind the sock blank is that you’ll get an amazing yet unpredictable colorway when you knit with it. “

8 thoughts on “Purchased My First Sock Blank

  1. I’ve never knit from a sock blank before, but it certainly looks intriguing. If you do knit it up, I’m assuming you will do a before and after photo?

    • I will definitely do a before and after photo. Somehow I hate the thought of unraveling it but that is the point!

  2. Neither have I ever heard of a “sock blank” but it definitely looks interesting. Pittsburgh skyline is cool.

  3. You’re always teaching us, Ruth. What an intriguing project, but I’d hate to lose that skyline.

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