Two Dilemmas/ Dilemnas (sp?) Solved

One:  It’s dilemma.  The correct spelling. Perhaps you already knew that it was never dilemna. But you might have been taught the incorrect spelling in school from what I researched.  Etymology at English Language and Usage here  

Two:  Lemon Raspberry or Chocolate Mousse Cake?


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25 thoughts on “Two Dilemmas/ Dilemnas (sp?) Solved

  1. You are right….I was taught the incorrect spelling. Thank you for the clarification. I’ll pass on the cakes. They both look delicious.

  2. Neither, I bet they aren’t vegan! Seriously people are taught to spell dilemma with an n? I am amazed at how many people, not lacking in intelligence, certainly not inarticulate, confuse lose and loose, and please tell me you don’t really spell laughed laught in the US as one online word game insists.

    • We have never, ever laught in our lives. No such word. Plus, there is absolutely nothing to laugh about these days. Ha!

      • Thank goodness. It sort of makes sense as we often pronounce -ed as t, and of course there are past tense forms, like caught, which is a million miles away spellingwise from laughed. It just grated when I saw it in the game.
        Being British I laugh at all manner of things that are not, on the face of it, funny. Black humour gets us through a lot. Do you know Michael Spicer’s work? If not, hie thee to YouTube now and check him out.

      • Did I edit it correctly? Thanks for taking time to write. I’ll check out Michael Spicer now.

      • Our stomachs hurt from laughing. Or should I say we “laught” ourselves out?

      • Did you watch any more? It’s a bright moment when a new Michael Spicer lands, or I get a message to say Lead by Donkeys has done something g new.

      • Not yet but we will for sure! Desperately need comic relief here. The news makes our stomachs hurt and it is not from laughing. Thanks for introducing Michael!

      • similar here. I had to turn off the tv news when Jonson came on mouthing empty phrases – all rhetoric and no substance. The government is openly corrupt and we seem powerless to do anything about it.

      • Hello Isobel.
        I think one of your comments went to SPAM and I inadvertently sent it to the trash.
        I apoligize I did not see it until the button was pushed and I was fairly certain I saw your bran Lilies of the Valley

        I appreciate your looking and writing and I have no idea why your comment went to SPAM. Forgive me.
        Ruth in Pittsburgh

  3. Excellent choice on the cakes, though I would have chosen the chocolate if it had to be one or the other.
    My first inclination would be to spell dilemma with an ‘n’. Don’t know why.
    I’m not too hung up on correct spelling since I am a Canadian who has lived in the UK, the Middle East and the USA. There are many words that have different spellings depending on which country you came from!

    • That is the truth. It was fun to hear from Sweden and Norway, Germany and Switzerland and see all the responses. Thanks Margy.

    • It’s weird that it was taught incorrectly to some given it’s not in the dictionary like that, ever.

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