3 Kernels Were Sufficient

Enough to inform my taste buds that this product wasn’t for me.

Not sure what Steve thought when he saw it in the store.
We like eating stuffing at Thanksgiving. Just not as the flavor for popcorn.

Plain popcorn with plain salt, cooked on top of the stove. Real butter on rare occasions.

My preference.

Do you like popcorn?


I mean I saw this bag of Unikorn on a sale shelf at Tj Maxx and wasn’t even tempted


Do you have a trifle bowl handy?

Feeding a crowd?

Delicious chopped layered salad created by hostess Roxann

The recipe is by Susie Fishbein and is on this blog link from a cookbook Kosher By Design 2003 shown below. I was able to buy a used copy of this book as Roxann made a beautiful Wild Mushroom Veloute (avert your eyes dc) that I’d love to replicate

Here’s the Wild Mushroom Veloute soup recipe

Anchovies- Yes or No?


Epicurious says “There are more polarizing things than anchovies, but these tiny, briny fish definitely have their fans and their foes. If you fall into the former category, however, these anchovy recipes are for you.(41 Recipes)

If yes, how do you prefer to eat them?

If no, you can elaborate.

Are You a Nutella Fan?

Nutella – Yes or no?

“Nutella is a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. Nutella is manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero and was first introduced in 1964, although its first iteration dates to 1963
Maura a few years ago

Maura Chops an Onion

Swim Goggles seem to help

Maura and I worked together to create another Minnesota Hot Dish for the family tonight (recipe from America’s Test Kitchen

Maura said “take a picture and show your Minnesota friend”. Audrey ! (Click to see her post on Elusive Sleep)

We arrange them neatly at first….
32oz size purchased at Kroger

Here’s the guest blog of another inspired Hot Dish

And the original post from last month

Basket Cheese

I was standing at Labriola’s Italian Grocery deli counter and it’s the first time I saw Basket Cheese. I asked about it. It’s only sold at Easter time. It can be used to make Easter pies or you eat a slice with fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. A firm ricotta like cheese. There are recipes. Recipes to make basket cheese at home and recipes to use the store-bought version to bake savory pies for Easter. There are sweet recipes too. Here’s a recipe for savory Italian Easter Pie

It’s called “basket cheese” because it’s formed in a basket and you can see the imprint of the weaving on the side of the cheese.

“Basket cheese is mild in flavor, so it forms a great combination with bread. It is eaten along with jam or honey and thus forms a great breakfast. Many people enjoy basket cheese as an afternoon snack. Relish its taste with olive oil, pepper and salt its yummy.”