What do you call the object on the right?

Yes, it’s a lost pacifier In a parking lot. Someone had a long and perhaps loud ride home Unless they had a spare.

So there are many nicknames for a pacifier.

By what name do you call it?

It might depend where you live or perhaps a family special moniker.  (This photo is not intended to spark debate on whether pacifiers are good or bad.)

Lost Pacifier in a parking lot.

8:03 AM Update>  I posted on FB and have received quite a few varied nicknames  Binky/Binkie, Nuk. Nukkee, Bobby, Choca, Chupete, In Sweden- Napp (bite), Nuggi, Peace of Mind, Smokk- Norway or Tut-Tut, Kiki, Nuggi

Rick says it’s “schnuller” in German.

17 thoughts on “What do you call the object on the right?

    • I’ve heard some wild nicknames for it and hope someone will reveal their special family label. Thanks E

  1. Most of the people I come in contact with call them a nukee. I think based on the name brand nuk.

  2. We call it a suckie, but when Ava made some little friends at the library, she learned from them to call it a pacie. Natalie has pacifiers that are attached to little stuffed animals and they’ve all been given names. The red dog is called Cliff, the elephant is called Ellie and the giraffe is called Jerry. Where’s Cliff? Do you have Ellie? What happened to Jerry? These are frequent topics of conversation. Cliff is the favorite and we always worry about losing him.

  3. We called Yoni’s pacifier his “motesetz” Hebrew for pacifier. He always carried a spare. One in his mouth and one in each hand!

  4. I call them a pacifier, but when talking to a child I call it a “paci”. And when C used a paci, we ALWAYS had several on hand! 😀

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