Who was Maurice Stalker of Pond Creek, Oklahoma?

My sister sent me an article Titled The Strange Lure of Other People’s Photos (click title to read) written by Bill Shapiro, “Bill Shapiro is a former editor in chief of Life magazine and a co-author of “What We Keep.” Mr. Shapiro has an enormous collection of “found photos”- from other people’s discarded photographs. He has no idea who is in these images but in the Above article you can read how his viewing and thinking of the subjects affect him.

For Throwback Thursday today I’m posting a “found photo” from a box in my own house. I don’t know who the man is in the photograph. Well I know he is Maurice Stalker. But there’s a story there. I just don’t know what his story is and why his photo is in my family’s things.

At least there is information and a name written on the back of the photograph. And his Track and Field stats.  So many of us have unidentified photographs from the past. Will they end up in a flea market or funky shop after being discarded, or a landfill?


I found “Pond Creek is a city in Grant County, Oklahoma, along the Salt Fork Arkansas River. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 856, a 4.5 percent decline from 896 at the 2000 by Google and saw Mr. Stalker was President of Pond Creek School board in 1948-1949.
since he was born in 1906 and he’s 19 in the photo, this was taken in 1925. He passed in 1978.

He’s not the Maurice Stalker (with the same name) I found In an old 1945 newspaper in Warren PA who committed a murder of his girlfriend‘s mother and wounded the girlfriend and then killed himself.  Oh my.



8 thoughts on “Who was Maurice Stalker of Pond Creek, Oklahoma?

  1. In 2015 I asked for details re: the cowboys in the photo album- circa 1930’s. My uncles’ recall was limited. These would be great to recycle into greeting cards- but I do not need another half- finished craft project.

  2. Among family photos there are many people I don’t know. I often think of dumping them but. . .

  3. Wow, what a great article, it really made me think about days gone by. Can’t remember the last time I looked at my old photos. Hope you can find more info on Maurice Stalker so his story can be told.

  4. His athletic legs are very beautiful!
    I’m sorting all my photos and there are some from very early of what are probably relatives but I don’t know them and now there is no one who can identify them. And i really don’t care very much. I treasure the photos of my grandkids when they were little.

  5. What an interesting find. I’m sure there’s a connection to your family somewhere…. just no idea how or why…. Life is full of mysteries.

  6. I knew Maurice Stalker when I was a child. He was a very handsome man. He was called Doc but I’m not sure why. His father was a GP doc in Pond Creek. He had two children: John Alex & Sue Ann. His wife’s name was Ruth Ann. Doc was a gentleman farmer and considered well to do at the time I knew him.

    • Addendum to above: this was between 1943 & 1952. The Stalkers and my parents were close friends. Alex & I road bikes together & target practice with his BB gun. He also had a new Schwin & I had an aged old used bike. I always won!

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