Twentieth Reunion in 1990

“When time and fortune cast their spell

And youth’s bright years are o’er.

Our memories then shall fondly dwell

on scenes that are no more.

For busy, carefree high school days

And friendships tried and true

For these we lift our songs of praise

Dear Morristown to you.

Alma Mater Morristown High School New Jersey

Not sure how one can remember these words but there you have it. Still in my memory.

Snagged from a Morristown High School post, this is one of two pics as everyone couldn’t fit in a single frame Class of 1970 had 551 students

I’m seated in the second row on the left next to my good BFF, who willingly accompanied me to our twentieth reunion. What a good friend. We were to attend our fiftieth in summer of 2020…….

Remembering Two Good Friends

All Soul’s Day. A day to remember those who have gone on before us.

Reminder: get up and be grateful to be alive.

Live life to the fullest each day, as best you can.

These two friends Cj and Jane, exemplified that motto.

Of course there are many more friends snd family to remember today and everyday but this photo came up when I was looking for a throwback Thursday post.

Throwback Thursday c.1922

My mother Marian in the knickers
Her brother Robert in cap to her right with their mother Charlotte behind him and brother John between in the back row and their father Judd to her left, just behind her and my Great Grandfather second from left

Uncle Edgar and Aunt Edna on the far right

Vintage 1985 Throwback Thursday Guest Blog

My friend Joanne writes from Florida …..

Back in the day we went to a lot of military formal events which were always a great chance to dress up and feel elegant. I only kept a few outfits from those days, but one was a beaded chiffon two piece that I bought in 1985 and wore many times over the years. I always loved that outfit. I had an invitation to a local formal military dinner (they call it a Dining Out) — my friend was out of town so she asked if I would be her husband’s date. I remembered the outfit was in a box so I dug it out. Steamed it. Extended the elastic waistband to fit my expanded waistline. Removed the huge shoulder pads. And wore it 38 years later …..Lots of compliments and I felt pretty special in it.

Same dress and earrings in 1991…military holiday ball.
Joanne and husband, COL Wayne Loers

At the Fair c.1940

Found in my paternal grandmother’s photo album

I think the boy is my father’s brother Harold (Butch) b.1928

Because the woman’s face is in the shadow of the hat brim, I’m not sure if that’s my grandmother

Here’s a photo of young Uncle Harold at my parents wedding August 28, 1939. He was seventeen years younger than my dad. Uncle Alan is on the right.

My Father’s Paternal Grandmother

With her sons-Glenn on left.
My paternal grandfather Floyd on the right.
Rosa Dayton Hendricks passed in 1958.
Son Glenn passed in 1959.
My father’s father passed in 1967.

Throwback Thursday 1937

Pencilled on the back of this 5×7 photo is the date-1937. No other details or notes but that clue means this photograph of my father standing by a chalkboard, was taken in Champaign-Urbana, at the University of Illinois. Looks like his handwriting. I transcribed the handwriting as best I could, from a closeup crop. See below. I see most of the women are wearing hats.

How about the lamp?
I counted at least seven hats

What I can decipher.

Why are we in college?

1. Prepare to make money

2. “Get” an education

3. Sent by parents

4. Find a Life mate



What place will religion ____?____

in our college life ____________?

My father graduated in 1939 and went on to Yale Divinity School to become a minister in 1942.