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LEGO Store

My sister sent me some photos of store windows (my favorite is LEGO store) from a walk around the city

Love the TAXI shoes
Angels at Rockefeller Center
Window reflections

10 thoughts on “Around NYC Guest Blog

  1. New York is an amazing place, especially around Christmas time. So much beauty. But, alas, to this year.

  2. Love NYC. We spent a lot of time there. True that Christmas is special. I remember the angels and more.

  3. C is finally old enough to play with “little Legos” (i.e., traditional Legos instead of Duplos), and we got him a Lego advent calendar for Christmas. And I have to confess that I love watching him build as much as he loves building. (And when he gets older I look forward to building something together.) 🙂

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