17 thoughts on “Gallery from Wednesday’s Walk

  1. wow – the masks are sure piling up.

    Last week i was walking the pup and decided to use one of his bags to collect a bit of the trash we saw (I picked it up using a different bag as a glove) – and then tossed it when we got back.. I cannot always do this but it was good to on that day

  2. Well the masks are a sign of the times. Also, just how important they are to some people.

  3. What a collection. I’ll take the HOPE stone. That’s my go-to word. Several years ago a great niece painted a stone and printed the word HOPE on it as a BINGO prize at our family reunion. I never won a single game, but really wanted that stone. She gave it to me. It’s sat on my office desk since as a reminder that, even through the struggles of life, HOPE exists.

    • Audrey that is a great story and I’m so glad you received the HOPE stone. I’m glad we connected across the wintry miles today with my having found a sign of HOPE amidst the Pandemic refuse.

  4. Interesting, what an assortment of trash. Love the Hope stone, we all need that to hang onto, yet someone left it behind.

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